EZCrewTax.com FAQs

EZPerDiem is another tax website that we operate. Both EZCrewTax and EZPerDiem are used to help pilots and flight attendants with their tax returns. The difference is that EZPerDiem is meant for people who are doing their taxes on their own or already have a tax preparer, and they just want the flight crew portion of their taxes handled correctly.

EZCrewTax, on the other hand, is a full service tax preparation company for pilots and flight attendants. We handle a pilot or flight attendant's entire tax return, start to finish. EZCrewTax has professional tax preparers registered under the IRS, ready to handle the most complicated tax returns.

EZCrewTax use SSL and 256 bit encryption when we transfer any information. Furthermore, our tax preparers use extra caution with any data that must be provided during the normal process of preparing income tax returns. All sensitive information is stored in a secure location or encrypted in a secure database.

Yes. The per diem calculator used by EZCrewTax is a free service that is included on every pilot or flight attendant's tax return. There is no need to use another per diem calculator if you use EZCrewTax to prepare your income taxes.

EZCrewTax posts its prices online so you can easily anticipate and understand how much your tax return will cost. You can find our prices here.

EZCrewTax is extremely comparable, and often cheaper, than generic big-brand tax services. But the biggest deciding factor should be the flight crew portion of your return. If you are not having an expert service like EZCrewTax or EZPerDiem prepare the flight crew tax portion of your return, you may be losing thousands of dollars each year.

Furthermore, a CPA is involved in your tax return and all tax returns are inspected for to see if there is a chance that you might benefit from the flight crew portion of your taxes. This does not happen at generic tax preparation companies that don't specialize in aviation taxes. Flight crew members should seriously consider using a tax service that specializes in aviation tax preparation in order to avoid missing out on a lot of flight crew-related deductions.

EZCrewTax has a CPA on staff to ensure that any difficult-to-prepare returns are handled correctly. The actual tax preparer that prepares your tax return might not be a CPA, however, they are thoroughly trained in tax preparation and aviation tax issues. All returns are checked by a CPA.

An extension is for 6 months from the original due date. Because taxes are generally due April 15th of each year, an extension allows you to delay filing until October 15th. But the thing to consider is whether you will owe money or not. If you file an extension and end up owing money to the IRS, you will have interest added to the tax due.

Getting started is easy. Just download the organizer, fill it in, and send it to us at:

1001 1st Ave. E, Ste. 120
Cambridge, MN 55008

You can also call us anytime at (763)-954-1020.

You can amend a tax return up to 3 years from the original due date. Assume the tax year you wish to file an amended return for is 2050 and the tax rules have not changed. Because 2050 taxes would be due on April 15th, 2051, you would count three years back to get April 15th, 2048. This means you could amend the 2047 taxes.

This is a pdf document that you will be able to fill out online for the purpose of insuring that we gather all required tax information from you. It captures a vast amount of information from you to speed up your tax preparation.

Itemizing refers to the IRS method tracking and calculating eligible itemized tax deductions as opposed to taking the standard deduction. Generally, if you have a mortgage, you are probably going to benefit from itemizing. Because flight crew tax deductions are an itemized deduction, you will only see a decrease in your tax liability if you itemize.

If you do not itemize, EZCrewTax can still help you. While you will not see your tax liability reduced if you do not itemize, you can be assured that we do thoroughly check to see if you will benefit. Also, our fees for tax clients who do not itemize rival any low-cost tax preparation service. For that reason, we recommend you give us a chance so that you can at least be certain that your tax return is properly being checked to see if you will benefit from flight crew tax deductions.

Generally, those who are eligible to benefit from flight crew tax deductions can expect to see a significant tax savings. The average amount saved by most of our clients ranges from $1000 to $4000 per year simply by taking advantage of the flight crew tax write-offs. While there is no way to estimate the amount you will save until your taxes are prepared, we do guarantee that we work to find every legitimate flight crew tax deduction that you are entitled to, and almost without fail, our customers' tax benefit exceeds the tax preparation fee charged.

You should have receipts for all tax deductions you wish to write-off except:

  • travel expenses less than $75
  • M&IE expenses
  • In addition to receipts, you should also substantiate your write-offs according to IRS record-keeping requirements.

Also, please do not mail receipts to EZCrewTax. Keep them for your records, and include the information on the tax organizer.

While there are many variables that affect the benefit that pilots and flight attendants see in their tax returns, generally, the more income you make the more important a tax deduction is (if you don't fall under the AMT). The reason is that if you are in the 35% tax bracket, a $1000 deduction will save you $350. If you are in the 15% tax bracket, a $1000 tax deduction will save you $150. But other factors like the type of trips you fly, the number of days worked, and a myriad of other variables will also affect your tax refund.

EZCrewTax has a CPA on staff and hires only professional tax preparers, known as "Registered Tax Return Preparers". EZCrewTax tax preparers must pass a test to show competency in tax preparation rules. This certification, along with the extra training they receive specific to aviation tax issues, guarantees that your tax return is professionally preparered.

Making sure that only qualified tax preparers are involved in your tax return is something that separates EZCrewTax from other services. We have a CPA on staff that ensures all tax returns are properly prepared. All tax preparers on the EZCrewTax staff have been thoroughly trained and have experience in flight crew tax preparations, as well as general tax preparation.

We can handle the simplest to the most complex tax returns.

No. Doing the M&IE expenses (i.e. per diem deduction) properly by hand would take many hours of work to do. If your local accountant were to charge you their normal hourly fee to do it, it would easily cost you several hundred dollars.

EZCrewTax can do it for free because we are affiliated with EZPerDiem.com, which can generate the per diem calculation quickly. All we need is your flight schedules. If you fly international, the per diem deduction alone could add several thousand dollars to your tax refund, so you do not want to risk having it calculated incorrectly.